SoHolistic Networks offers a range of services which give our customers confidence that given the complexity of today’s technology, we will be able to keep the technology they rely on for their businesses going. Some services we provide:

IT for Small Office Home Office

We provide Information Technology services to the SoHo (small office home office) market.  This involves helping your business make technology choices that meet your budget and business needs.  We help you decide what technology to get and use and understand it well enough to make informed choices, set it up so it integrates with your environment and works for your requirements, help you avoid problems, and deal with those that arrive responsively and effectively.  From firewalls and servers to computers, mobile and virtual machines, to security and backups, we aim to turn technology worries into technology peace of mind.

Application Migration

As your company changes your needs for technology will change too. Sometimes it can be overwhelming though trying to find which solution is the best fit for you. While some companies will try to sell you more than you need or tell you they can deliver you a product that they don’t have, we aren’t trying to sell you a specific product or service. We want adequately to fit you for the best software to meet your needs. If you already have software that you’re using we are happy to migrate your data and see to training you and your staff on your new application.

Let us know if we can be assistance the next time you’re looking for a new solution to your technical needs.


Buying the right solution for your company is just the beginning. Once you have the product you want to get
the most out of what you paid for. Along with designing your solution and getting you the best pricing on it, we will work with you to implement it with as little interruption as possible. Whether it’s a new firewall, managed wireless access, networking, a website, or a new application we can take care of it for you.

Mobile Solutions

In this fast paced economy you need your business to be as mobile as you are. At SoHolistic Networks we strive to keep you connected while on the go. Being able to manage your company while out of the office costs you money. Let us work with you to configure a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Networking Infrastructure

As your company begins to grow so does your network demand. When you start out you might start with a computer or two, a printer, and an internet provider wireless access point. However, as you being to add more devices and employees that original hardware may be holding you back from accomplishing more in a day. Also, when hardware such as firewalls, access points, and other network infrastructure are not planned an integrated, you begin to create security gaps.

We will evaluate your current situation, and help you build for growth. So what makes us different from these other companies or you going to a big box store to purchase something off the shelf? We know what works best with other brands/models/etc. so you get the most out of your devices. Plus, we understand small businesses and we don’t have pressure from vendors to sell you something that you don’t need.


The importance of security is the most important part of your network and unfortunately like everything else in
technology, it’s always changing. Some people believe that security means having an antivirus and a firewall but there is security between applications, network devices, users, and anything in between. We provide companies with a selection of security solutions and will help you choose which solution is the best fit for your company. We offer offsite backups, desktop protection, network protection, firewall solutions, and network monitoring tools to help you know instantly of suspicious behavior on your network.

Let us help you protect your data with some of the best protection services available without you having to spend a fortune.  Ask us about our secure desktop solution.

Website Development

One of the most important things in having a successful business is location. No matter what your company is you
should have a website. Today, when someone needs a product, service, etc. they go online. Your website is now your store front and statistic show that someone decides if a company is suitable for their needs in the first 10 seconds they are on their site. Like the way people look for a company, the way they use the internet has also changed. Even if you have a website it still may not be enough. More than 60% of traffic is now mobile and older sites don’t render on a mobile phone properly. If a customer is looking at your site on their phone and it doesn’t render properly they’ll move on to a competitor.

Today, there are new and easier ways to have a website. It no longer needs to require you to pay someone every
time you want to add new information to your site. Tools like WordPress have brought web design to the common user. We want to help bring it to you so you can freshen up your store front.

We have helped many companies freshen up their website or store front and they can now manage their sales,
contacts, newsletters, and most of all manage their own site themselves. Let us help you. No matter if you already have a site or need one made from scratch, we are happy to assist. After the site is up we will help you learn how to add and manage your site, including elements of Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Bound traffic development.