Case Studies

Small Office

Technology Monitoring

When we acquire a new customer, we found windows updates had never been applied to a file server and malware. Repaired files, and ensured that the server was clean going forward.

Public/Private Networks

A health club with a large member base was having trouble with it’s network going up & down. We helped the company transition to a reliable ISP, and implemented a secure private and public WiFi to support club internet traffic.

Server Setup

A law firm had an old domain controller. We set up a new one with a current OS, migrated active directory, and enabled a seamless transition.

Offsite Backups

A company did not want its data in a public cloud. We setup a private cloud backup offsite, as well as the means to use encrypted mobile drives.

MS Office: Rent or Own

A health care company wanted to evaluate the trade-offs between “renting” and “owning” MS Office. We helped present the alternatives, and set up the app for all of their users.

Security Consulting

A customer had been hit with malware. We cleaned up the machine, and after an audit helped the customer improve their defense against internet hacking using a combination of updates, training, backups, and adjustments.

Website Salvation

A customer had an old, mission critical website vital to their business survival but without documentation or obvious means of support. We resolved every issue that arose, and kept the site running until a new one could be built to replace it.

Home Office

Office & Family Network

A family wanted to separate out their “office network” for a business run out of the house from the network used by their children. We evaluated, procured, and setup networking for separate office and home networks (including printing), as well as the means to run the network off of a generator during a power outage.

Locked out

A customer got hit with ransomware. After considering alternatives, we helped the customer restore the computer and put back data from a backup. In another case, we helped a customer get back into a machine after a password reset locked them out.


A business run out of a home needed help with a backup strategy that included macs & PCs where proprietary solutions like iCloud didn’t cover the full range of data at risk. We set up backups to safeguard the full range of data and showed the customers how to test their backups.

Website Repair

A home based business had a health and wellness website. The user need changes made to the site, including ones where previous work had left errors. We update the site to rectify the problems and resolve the issues.

Network Troubleshooting

A home office was having trouble with its network.  The wireless network was going up and down.  These are tough problems to solve because there are so many “moving parts” (is it the ISP, the networking gear, the browsing devices).  We identified several problems, and resolved them including replacing some of the networking gear and helping the client to get the ISP to fix issues related to their equipment and service.