SoHo companies generally need SoHo websites and a social media strategy. While this part of their business does not have the demands (nor the budget) of large company site, a SoHo digital profile should still do something worth while.

Going beyond mere “brochure ware”, where a site only acts as a digital brochure and in effect is a “do the least, do no harm” approach, doing something more meaningful includes settings some goals, defining a value proposition, doing some investment in experiments, and then measurements, measurements, measurements.

Say a SoHo company has customer acquisition as a goal. It might first set an initial acquisition target (which is changeable after testing) and a small budget for experiments. Targeted Facebook Ads (probably worked up with the help of a graphic artist) that align with the small experiment budget and WordPress site to begin a customer acquisition campaign. Using WordPress can help keep costs down, and allows for add-ons to help a business with measurements. WordPress also allows for the ability to bring aspects of the marketing, including the WordPress and Social Media in house after initial setup.

In our example here using averages for Facebook ads, imagine a business spends $10/day on Facebook ads for a month, and a new customer is worth $200, if Facebook generates 42K impressions (using an average of $7.19/1000 impressions in our example), and .89% of viewers click on the ads, and 1% of those become customers, the business would get 3-4 new customers which covers the testing budget. If a business’ revenue model includes recurring revenue, then the lifetime value of these customers and ones gained each month cover the costs of the ad generation to as the strategy is carried out over time.